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We have a tenant living in an enclosed small development, she has two allocated parking spaces. A new resident has moved in (tenant we think!) and is parking her overlarge SUV next to our tenant. She is parked on a pathway (certainly not a legit parking space) leading to the gardens (think laundry hang-out!) and the communal binstore. Neither can be accessed because of this mad parking. These things have been pointed out to her, she ignores them. In addition, my tenant can now only use one of her spaces, as turning circles are too light to allow her to get both cars in. So she is parking on the street. I might add there is a garage attached to the house being rented, and is obviously not being used for purpose!
Is this classed as anti-social behaviour? Should I contact the agents who let the property? Said tenant is not responding to our pleas!

22/07/2018 09:04

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