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Tenants are foreign mature students at university and have done extensive damage to the property & contents in a high spec apartment in 2 years, which will not be covered by the deposit (which is just under 2 months). Tenant refuses to allow us in to assess damage or negotiate and we've discussed payment options for over a year. They had three six month ASTs and then we moved them to a rolling contract as they said that they would leave before a six month AST finished as courses would be over. However, they now say they will be leaving in September (seven months since last AST finished) to another city in UK. We may have to take court action. If so, do you have a template letter that we have to send to tenants as pre-county court action? Is there any other advice to avoid the court action that may work? How long do we give them to respond before we complete court forms? Will CCJ effect their visas?

23/07/2018 22:05

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