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We have a house we rent out as an HMO with individual AST'S for each room. One of our tenants an Italian guy has been renting since last October without any problems.

In the last few weeks the other tenants have contacted us saying they have become very concerned about him as he started acting very bizarrely. Eating raw bacon, taking shower after shower and flooding the bathroom (every 1/2 hour), screaming as if possessed in the middle of the night, door banging, standing outside the girls' bedrooms in the middle of the night for hours on end etc. They were convinced he was on drugs. We were getting message after message from the other tenants about him so we said we would have a word with him.

We called a meeting with him and warned him that he had to curb his behaviour, keep himself to himself, respect the cleaning rota, respect the other tenant's privacy and come down from whatever he was taking. If he didn't we told him it would end up that he would lose his job and his tenancy as this could not continue. He was acting very bizzarely, quite concerning really, shaking, laughing then totally normal and just very unpredictable. We left it at that and hoped he had got the message.

Next day other messages from the tenants saying that again all night there was screaming, shouting etc. Then his parents turned up from Italy as they had realised that something was wrong. To cut a long story short they admitted that he had had an breakdown of this type before 4 years ago and they were doing everything to get him back to Italy. At this point with the other tenants actually quite scared of him and these ongoing issues we decided to terminate his tenancy. His parents assured us that they were taking him back to Italy to get the help he needed. They had booked is flight and they were all set to go when he had another crisis and has now been sectioned.

We are in a situation how however that his parents said that he will be in hospital for at least a month but the tenants are really scared to let him back in when he comes out. Anyone know what is our legal position, can we serve a section 8 and is there anyway we can prevent him coming back into the property. His father said he can get aggressive when he is like this. We just don't know what to do! We are trying to be empathetic towards him and offered his parents accommodation when they were here (they have now gone back and said are coming back when they discharge him) but we also have a duty of are to our other tenants. We would like to talk to his medical team and know if he is a danger or not but as we are not next of kin don't think they will talk to us

What a situation! Causing us a lot of stress. Would there be the grounds that he obtained the tenancy by deception by not disclosing his mental history?

26/07/2018 18:33

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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