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We have a 5 bed HMO that we rent out to 5 separate student tenants on fixed 12 month tenancies. 4 of the 5 tenants have vacated but one tenant is not moving out. She is no longer a student at the university and has instead got a full time job. A further note - this particular tenant has been a serial non-payer throughout the year and only once we progressed with a court order did she/guarantor actually pay.

Our problem:
- we have new student tenants due to move into the property, and one of them is going to be unable to move in because of the remaining tenant.
- as the remaining tenant is now not a student she is eligible to pay for council tax.


  1. How do we evict the tenant correctly?
  2. Although the tenancy agreement states the tenants are responsible for the council tax, how do we ensure that this remaining tenant does in fact become responsible and not us?

29/07/2018 15:56

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