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I have a potential tenant who I like but his salary at present does not cover the rental (2 1/2 times rental).
He says his uncle will be a guarantor for him. I believe the uncle lives abroad. Can I use a guarantor from abroad?
The alternative is that the potential tenant would be happy to pay 6 months rental in advance - and then go on to monthly rent.
The reason for this is that his fiance will have got a job by then and together this would then cover the rent.
My question is would is it better to go for monthly payments from the start and have the overseas Uncle as guarantor - he is not British - or would it be better to have the 6 months in advance and then go on to monthly payments?
Also if I was to take the 6 months in advance, should I still set up an AST agreement of a different type of tenancy agreement, please?
Thank you for your help.

30/07/2018 08:09

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