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Hi, what happens to a deposit if I withdraw my consent for adjudication? A joint tenancy ended and I have a signed agreement from each tenant stating that no deposit is payable to either tenant. Would these be enough in themselves? I released the funds back to myself infront of the lead tenant and a witness and just within the three months after the tenancy has ended, the said tenant has filed a dispute with no information at all on it and incorrect TED.

The said tenant has harrassed me since TED and whilst the police have taken details, they have advised they cannot do anything because he is now homeless due to being too high a risk for other housing providers. My car window has been put through, hedges of home address pulled almost out, repeated unordered take away deliveries, one for 117 that almost involved an assault from an upset delivery driver.

I see this as another way to continue harrassment and simply want it to end. They damaged property holding evidence and some agreements such as checking in sheet and an agreement to pay back some money to cover damages. Is it sufficient to only include a rent statement, as the arrears are above the deposit amount anyway, simply to get the deposit returned to myself? What can happen in terms of compensation if I wanted to apply? Can this progress to court or can I reserve the right please. Asking as I am scared, especially as a lone parent, of what the ex tenant may do if he does not receive the deposit he may be expecting.

Thank-you :)

30/07/2018 15:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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