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Dear Advice Team. I've just been reading that the new HMO regulations will include converted 2 storey houses where the conversion was pre-1992 and more than a third of flats are let and there are 5 or more residents. In other word s257 HMOs. Is that your understanding? I own a leasehold flat in a 2 storey converted Victorian house that has two flats and a communal entrance lobby. The other flat is owned by someone else and I have no control over and no idea how many people live in it. In fact it changes as it has sometimes been let and sometimes owner occupied. I assume I have to take account of the number of people in that flat and that it won't just be 5 people in my flat? Will this apply to leaseholder occupiers? If so then there are hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting leaseholder that are about to fall foul of HMO legislation. I am hoping that the documents I've read have got it wrong but if you're not sure, would you send a request to your campaigns team to query their contacts on Gov't on this point. Thank you

03/08/2018 15:58

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