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As you can guess i am rather new to all this. I have one tenant on an assured shorthold ... she has been in the house since November.. at that point she was sharing with a friend of hers. Basically they fell out and I agreed for the friend to leave. Then she found someone to come 'on probation' ... he has paid rent and deposit (secured) which I gather counts as a 'real' tenancy as money has changed hands. A proper contract was going to be set up before the next rental period ... starting 2nd August 2018, if all had been well. Last Sunday ( the incidents I am about to write about happened on the 28th July) I sent him his notice of eviction with 7 days notice on 29th July...things had not gone well for the girl tenant who became very sensitised to inappropriate advances he was making towards her ... nothing too serious, just a bit of messing around and laddish behaviour ... he had also been smoking cannabis when this went on.. .. well, she said she could smell it. She has had a past history of abuse so this was the reason she reacted so strongly. She has even gone to the police about him even after I strongly urged her not to do as it just makes things so much more unpleasant. So he has verbally agreed to go tomorrow but I am just so worried that he may choose to stay put which I gather from speaking to someone at RLA he may be entitled to do. What on earth do I do ? I am worried sick about the whole thing ... and suggestions would be gratefully received. I have messaged him that I am going to the house tomorrow ... did that yesterday, have had no reply ... put a letter through his door to give him 24 hours notice that I will be in the property tomorrow at 6pm with a friend who is a witness and my husband who is going to do some gardening whilst he hopefully leaves.

03/08/2018 19:51

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