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Having read recently in The Times that the countrywide Group have issued four profit warnings in the last few months, and have gone thro CEO's like they are going out of fashion - - - I am coming to the conclusion they may well go under. The ripples will extend far - any landlord who has allowed agents such as Bairstow Eves, Hamptons, etc (part of Countrywide group) to retain and register deposits may well care to check their portfolio, As we all know, if an agent goes bust, when they are holding the deposit then the landlord is still liable in the eyes of the law to repay the tenant. Bairstow Eves "mistakenly" (ha ha) held one of our deposits knowing full well we were registered with "My Deposits" - it took four months of unnecessary phone calls, emails to get this deposit transferred back to us. I would suggest any landlord with deposits held by agents (even those with so called reputable high st names) to sort ASAP. Good luck

09/08/2018 07:49

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