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In today’s (09/08/18) RLA Mailing the first item is on Energy Efficiency. It states the RLA is now calling on Policy Makers to be more ambitious. To be honest I'm astonished and surprised as I thought the RLA was on the side of the Landlord.
This year I've had work completed to improve the energy efficiency of my rented property and have achieved the necessary grade of 'E'. As is normal there was suggestions on further work to make the property even more energy efficient - in this case to add 2inches of PIR insulation on every outside wall; think something like 2 to 3 inches reduction in floor area along every external wall. If I follow that guidance then that will cause loss of the bath in Bathroom and so shrink the 'Galley' style Kitchen to make it unusable in it's present form - to solve that will require a very expensive extension – say a minimum of 3 years rental income. (I'm pretty accurate on that cost as I know thats how much it cost the owners of the neighbouring property, a 'mirror' of mine.)
I’m not prepared to fund that work and I very much doubt if any other landlord would be either.
That will be yet another property lost to the rental marketplace.

Please RLA - get real and think about those of us landlords who rent houses which aren't square boxes in rural areas.

09/08/2018 10:02

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