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My current tenants - a brother and sister - are coming up for renewal of their tenancy. The sister is getting married and will be leaving the flat in the near future. However, her husband-to-be is not a UK national, lives abroad and requires a Visa to enter and live here. The current tenant has asked me to provide and sign a letter fo the visa application, which allows the future husband to stay in the flat - basically it confirms that he will have a place to stay when he arrives in the UK. We are no prepared to sign a letter like this - any occupant of the flat has to be on the tenancy agreement.

I have searched on-line and it is permissible to offer a conditional tenancy agreement - i.e. conditional on the husband to be acquiring a visa and right to live in the UK. What I would like to know is how to word the clause in the tenancy agreement that would cover this condition.

09/08/2018 13:58

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