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I own a 2-floor, ex-council, 3-bed flat in Lambeth which I let to 3 individual adults in a joint and several AST. I think that makes it an HMO, but I do not think it is subject to mandatory licensing, and I don't think this will change in October.
My first question is: Can you confirm that I have understood this correctly?

Secondly... those which do come under mandatory licensing will be subject to minimum bedroom sizes. Two of our three bedrooms are only just about child-size (though adults are very happy to sleep in them as we charge a modest rent which they divide unevenly between the occupier of the big bedroom and the other two).
Supposing in due course, our flat becomes licensable but we already have people living there - will we have to evict them? And what happens when one leaves and the other two want to stay and get a new tenant (and new lease)?
And finally, are there any extra rules that we have to abide by even though the flat is not subject to mandatory licensing? I know you have a web page on this, but it seemed as if all those rules would apply to any tenancy anyway??

10/08/2018 20:28

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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