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Notices Served on Me

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I have a tenant who is pregant and now on maternity leave.

She asked Enivronmental Health to visit to assess the property.

Problem No. 1
They have served a Improvement Notice - Housing Act 2004 Section 11.
'Heating System is not sufficient to heat the whole of the property'.

I have 28 days to have work started on central heating and 3 months to complete it.

The property has a gas fire in lounge/diner and an oil fired electric heater in each bedroom.

I have spoken with the Council who aren't much help. What do they mean by central heating? Must it be gas CH with a radiator in each room or can I fit night storage heaters and must they be in every room? There is no room in fitted kitchen but could fit one in hall which leads straigh to lounge/diner.

Problem no. 2
I arranged for British Gas to service the gas fire in the lounge and issue a Landlord's certificate. Unfortunately they condemed the system due to various pipework and flu issues.

BG said that the tenant should contact Enivronmental Health straight away which she did.
They have immediately given me 'Notice of Emergency Redemial Action' but at the same time they arranged for all remedial work to be carried out the same day by their approved contractos - which I have been informed I will have to pay for.

The notice states the Hazard : 'The only form of heating at the property has been condemmed after a Gas Safety inspection by a CORGI reg eng.

Are the two oil fired heaters not classed as heating?

Why was I not asked to fix the problem myself? I have a building contractor contact who has a CORGI eng on hand for me to use.

I believe the tenant is classed as 'at risk' possibly because she is about to have a baby.


Anyway, I am a bit confused, but assume Option 1 - I need to get quotes and work started and Option 2 - just await the large bill.

I would appreciate your comments on my problems.

Many thanks
Janet Clarke

12/10/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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