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This is just an observation; I am looking at new flats being built in my area and noticed ALL of them fall below the gross minimum internal floor area space requirements and the bedrooms are also below the standards.
Therefore none of these properties (700 of them) could ever be rented as HMO'S. They are a mix of 2,3,4 bedroom properties.

  1. why are developer's, planning and LA allowed to build properties below standard minimum standards and flout the regulations?
  2. How will this affect future rental market and investment?
  3. Is this the end of HMO? A much need resource for single people who do not want to or can not rent a whole flat.

I do not think my LA is the only one doing this. It is going to become a huge problem in the future, given that that the majority of existing property stock are falling foul of the new HMO bedroom sizes.

17/08/2018 02:18

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