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I have a HMO and one tenant constantly missed rent so I went through the while process of friendly reminder, more stern reminder going finally to S8 and court where I was awarded possession within a fortnight and costs. The tenant did not move out in the time ruled and as I was at the property showing another tenant a room (not his) he came and spoke with me. He was apologetic, said he had a payday loan that was haemorrhaging his account and would moved out on the Friday(this was 'Wednesday) I told him he could have over the weekend as I would probably only get up the following week to tidy up his room. He promised to pay 400.00 to reduce the debt but did then pay 320.00.
When I returned the following Wednesday he was still in the room and I expressed my surprise as I had made arrangements to paint and decorate. He said he was all packed and ready to go so I asked if he was remove his possessions to the lounge to allow me to decorate. He agreed. He seemed then to get a call to go to work and asked if he could hold the keys to return and collect them in the morning at 3am when his shift finished - so I agreed.
Unfortunately some three weeks have since passed and he still has not returned the keys though he has been back to remove some (but not all of his possessions) I have emailed and messaged him several times explaining that he must return the keys to end the tenancy - but no reply. Can I accept his verbal offer of moving out and the fact that he has not been back in the room or must I wait for the key return - or get the bailiffs in( have already got the appropriate form completed.) Any advice welcome - thanks!

18/08/2018 18:10

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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