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I have a tenant who lives next door to one of the directors of the Managing Agent .

She has lived there for around 6 years, the directors has accused her of the following

  1. Irregular domestic waste disposals – contrary to Bromley Council regulations
  2. Unreasonable noise levels.
  3. Unauthorised use of the parking space
  4. Causing communal blocking of drains
  5. Using communal space for personal property
  6. Anti social behaviour
  7. Having more than one pet.
  8. Damage to communal property.

She denies these claims, and counter claims that she is being victimised and harassed by the director who she alleges shouts things through her letter box, intimidates her in the communal areas, tampers with her rubbish, hides her possessions etc.

The director tried to force me to evict my tenant, and threatened to cancel the lease (share of freehold) of my flat if I didn’t adhere to his wishes. I told him I was not willing to do this.

He now wished me to sign an understanding that says that my tenant doesn dispute his accusations, and that if there is “another breach of the rules” then I agree to cancel my tenancy agreement with my tenant.

It is also important to understand that some of the rules he alleges my tenant breaches he breaches daily himself , ie he keeps his belongings in a communal area , he uses two car spaces instead of one and he has two pets not one.

My problem is that he is acting as judge and jury, he is the only complainant in the block, and is basically complaining to himself as director. It’s is plain to see that the director and tenant dislike each other, but this shouldn’t allow the director to force me to evict her.

Any advice would be much appreciated on how I go about resolving this dispute

Thank you

19/08/2018 16:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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