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Does anyone have any experience of evicting really problematic lodgers?

Unfortunately we've put ourselves in a tricky situation as our contract stipulates that either party has to give 8 weeks notice to the other and we don't have another break clause. We've already served the lodger their notice, but they've still got another 7 weeks to go. Basically they're causing loads of disruption and are at risk of being violent (in fact I think the lodger in question already has been violent towards their partner).

The lodger didn't tell us before moving in that they have severe mental health problems. We're now worried that said lodger will either do damage to the property or to someone else in the property as they are so unstable, so are considering an immediate eviction despite the fact that this would be breaking our contract with them and potentially they could take us to court.

Does anyone have any experience of anything similar or have any advice?

Thank you.

22/08/2018 09:37

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