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I have just received a letter from the Housing Benefit Overpayment Team demanding money back. Basically, here are the facts:

0) 23 March 2007: Section 21B served on tenant.

1) 29 May 2007: Tenancy terminated. Tenant refused to move out.

2) 1 June 2007: I received payment of rent (from Housing Benefit)
to 18 June 2007.

3) 15 June 2007: I received letter from Housing benefit that they were to suspend rent payment.

4) 16 June 2007: I wrote back telling them that tenant was still in property.

5) 5 July 2007: Keys of property are dropped off at my home address.

6) 6 July 2007: I visited property and it had been vacated.

7) 6 July 2007: I wrote to Housing benefit informing them that tenant had left property.

8) 4 October 2007: I receive letter from Housing Benefit Overpayment Team requesting refund of rent paid between 13/06/07-18/06/07. Apparently, tenant told them that she had moved out on the 13/06/07!

What should I do now?

First, I'm out of pocket for rent unpaid from 19 June 2007 to 5th July 2007. Second,the property back was a mess and cost me 150 to clean it. I know previous tenant is not working, so completely pointless to try to recover any money.

18/10/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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