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Iíve had an on going(7 years) situation with tenant in the flat below who is a vulnerable person. I bought an ex council top floor flat approx 10 years ago which Iíve rented out now to 8 tenants in total, each moving out stating the smell & anti-social behaviour of below tenant as reason. This woman & partner have special needs which calls for a social worker to make regular visits to assess their care. They also have a dog & cat which never get let out/walked. The animals defecate in the flat along with their own inability to adequately care for them selves causes an incredible foul smell which eminates up to the flat above. Iíve personally smelt this when walking past with the door open and it truly is disgusting. They also appear to be nocturnal as their shouting & slamming doors has caused my tenant many sleepless nights effecting his job. The properties are run by a council owned organisation, Six Town Housing. Despite years of complaints to STH, the council & environmental health nothing long term has ever been accomplished and due to both tenants vulnerable conditions they always seem to be given the benefit of doubt. My tenants have all made attempts to report anti-social behaviour & kept logs of incidents of noise & smell. A token attempt is made by STH but this only lasts for a couple of weeks at best. Now my tenant has given notice despite me lowering rent as rightly so heís sick of the disturbance and claims the constant foul smell of ammonia is effecting his health.
In effect this property is uninhabitable as STH pander to this tenant without a single consideration for the health and well being of any tenant living above. Iím at the stage that if I canít source another tenant, who will soon move out I will be liable for council tax charges for a property where no one can live and iwhich s basically worthless.

23/08/2018 17:08

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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