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Can I change letting agent?

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Hi all!
I had a property management company for a number of years managing and finding tenants. Very small company and was happy with her. It seems that since sometime last year anther agency has taken over? She apparently still shows people around new places but tenants have been asked to pay to a new company and speak to different people.
I havenít been notified of this change at all. I have just received emails Re EPC etc. Where companies havevjust gone and done the work without me being notified.
I had a new boiler and safety cert in December arranged by myself with notification and discussion with prior agency. This company sent out a guy to do another service and gas safety check in May.......people have been going and doing work and I am being charged without prior notification.
I have asked for notification of any work and since they have agreed, it was the tenant that informed me of the safety check and she told the guy it did not need to be done but he did it anyway?! I donít want to pay. They havenít even had the courtesy to inform me what has happened with the old management. They also havenít given me any GDPR information.
I am so cross at the moment I really want to leave them. The tenants are nice and I can manage them myself. I have another house that is with them (apparently) but I do not know the tenants (they have been there a few years). I donít think they have been checkingbor looking after the properties well as they havenít picked up on a lot of maintenance issues.
How can I leave them and how do I notify the tenants etc? What about their deposits?
What about GDPR issues? They are only small houses but I think I want to manage at least one myself and put the other with a different agent of keep the one we have (if they behave!)
Many thanks :-)

26/08/2018 00:08

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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