has a landlord on being granted a date for re-possession tried this?

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Hello colleagues. I've been awarded possession [ S21] date set for the criminals to vacate is 13th Sept by 4pm. Not holding my breath as they are looking at [ as far as I know] emergency B&B courtesy of SS. With several children at various schools that's going to be problematical to say the least. The Council have wiped their hands due to massive fraud ..twice. They are a famous family in the Borough I was told.

Rather than wait for the magic date to come,go then me hire Bailiffs and wait more weeks to evict, more weeks of waiting to discover what damage has been caused...I thought of being a little pro-active instead of sitting on my hands.

I'd like a smooth handover of keys before the Bailiffs arrive. I'd like to open up a line of communication on say 'what will they need in their next accommodation' They came to a part- furnished property in 2015. This may-be wishful thinking on my part as they may just ..doing a moonlight -flit.. remove what they want to under cover of darkness.

I suppose I could ask for an on-site meeting to discuss their exit from the house & see if they agree to that. Asking really if colleagues faced with this scenario, have made overtures to their worst tenants, or not thought it wise.
Would it be seen as weakness when they've taken the you know what for all of 2018 & most of 2017? Just thinking out loud colleagues!

Thanks for listening & thank you for all your kindness during these past months with this. I've been awarded possession - yet will they leave as instructed to do by the Court...who knows? They are totally immune to burly Bailiffs banging on the front door. Obviously the 'shame' of defrauding/scamming neighbours, landlord and the Council is all part & parcel of daily life. Who else have they scammed? Soon find out when the DR letters start arriving after they've gone.

01/09/2018 16:14

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