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Our tenant has appealed their eviction (after we served a section 8/ Suspended Possession Order/ Possession Order)
We stopped receiving rent our tenant and her housing benefit payments also stopped.. therefore we had a Possession Order granted and an eviction date set.
The tenant has appealed the eviction date and we are due to go to court THIS WEEK 5th sept.

Our tenant has appealed on the grounds that the Council messed up her benefits and also on the grounds that we have never issued her rent invoices, and that the gas cert is outdated (we have since had a new gas safety cert issued)

We cannot afford legal representation so will be representing ourselves

Does anyone have advice on going to court and representing yourself?
I am planning on preparing a statement with all of our facts and paperwork.. any other advice or tips would be much appreciated.

Our tenant seems to know all of the loop holes/ tricks when it comes to court so we want to be as prepared as possible

Many Thanks

02/09/2018 12:42

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