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Hello everyone,
Ive put numerous posts on here and I have been the most patient landlady as the tenant is my goddaughter but I watched my better half lose it yesterday after another demand & it broke me. Heís admitted heís suffering from anxiety & I cannot let this carry on.
No matter what we do they constantly attack us,
We were told boiler isnít working correctly, we offfered to go round immediately, no said her on/ff boyfriend she doesnít feel comfortable in our presence but we said we know whatís wrong and it will be sorted in 10 mins! No she wonít open the door, my question then was why call us at 7pm attack us over the phone saying itís an emergency but then say she wonít let us in? He had no answer. We are now going round on Wednesday as itís the day on/off boyfriend goes round. Canít be that much of an emergency I think to myself.

Sadly all they want is the section 21 for their free council house and we have been used in the process .
Advice, whatís the best way to go about it and which company is the best?
The tenancy doesnít end until Feb but I want everything in place for the day the tenancy ends and we can start getting our lives back.
Iím selling the flat as soon as she moves out.

Thanks guys you have given me so much advice which I have taken on board and most said get her out, well ive listened and I feel a weight has been lifted off me now Iíve made the decision x

04/09/2018 07:35

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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