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I have a two bedroom apartment in a nearby new development which I let last year to a couple with a young child. I have an agent and used their AST.
The term date is 31.09.18 and I gave 3 months notice via the agent to that I was willing to renew on an increased rental (£100 per month)
The tenant didn't respond substantively until yesterday.
In the response they agreed to an increase of £50 per month but asked for a three year contract and raised two minor maintenance issues.
I have two concerns:

  1. I'm not inclined to grant a three year tenancy but am anyway unsure of the legal consequences if I did so. I'd there for be grateful for your advice on the legal differences.
  2. I am worried that the tenants have deliberately wasted time and run the negotiation up to almost the last moment because the intend to stay on after the expiry of the current tenancy. So I need advice on my position if the term expires without agreement having been reached and the tenants hold over.

if you need further information please email or call on 07711014359 and if it would be better to discuss let me know and I will call you.

04/09/2018 14:43

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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