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I have discovered that I have failed to arrange protection on a deposit that is now due after my tenants have vacated. This is a complete oversite. I have other tenants and previous tenants protected through my deposits but for some reason just failed on this tenancy.

I understand my obligations and the contractual obligations and fully expect this to resolve by me returning the full deposit without any claims. The only deductions due were the inventory sign out (done by an agency) and £30 for damage to a door recorded at the time by the tenants.

I believe the tenants, despite having a good relationship with them are thinking they may take me to court on a no win no fee basis to benefit from £0000's.

If I was to return the deposit in full without deduction, do they have a case? How would you handle this?
Despite agreeing to the deductions in principle they do not want the deposit back until a protection certificate is forthcoming. Hence my belief they have no intention of paying any deduction or are of the belief they may get more!

Any advice really welcomed on my next actions.

04/09/2018 21:12

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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