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I have transferred my properties into a Ltd company owning 3 properties and managing 10 others on behalf of friends and family. I also carry out my own maintenance and charge out for maintenance that I do for others. In previous years I simply produced my own accounts on excel spreadsheets and submitted under my own personal tax return.

Looking now on HMRC to file "company" accounts I assumed I could do so using HMRC own filing however property rental income is limited to £5200 per year so there it directs you to utilise an accountant or recommends you to use a software package approved by HMRC with a list of some 30+ providers.

My question is ...does anyone have any advise on which one to use. I have already produced my accounts on excel but now need an "easy" to use package to convert / re input what I have done so that I can electronically file.

Thanks in advance

07/09/2018 13:34

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