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Just had my first set of property inspections for mandatory hmo's (prior to 1st October)
Of interest is the licence requirement to regularly inspect the 'communal areas' in order to ‘manage the tenancy'. In essence, egress corridors must be kept clear and it is now my responsibility to ensure that the property is kept clean, dishes done, rubbish removed etc.
However my student properties (presumably like many others up and down the country) are let on a single joint tenancy and as such there are no communal areas that allow unrestricted access.
Entering the property without invitation would be a criminal offence. So if you are denied access, that is a breach of licence conditions (the fine is up to £5k per breach). I would also love to know how to ensure students do the dishes, remove rubbish, and keep fire egress corridors clear (it’s already in the contracts!).
So fulfilling the mandatory HMO licence requirements (and avoiding heavy fines) depends on the goodwill of the tenants. It makes the licence holder legally responsible for the direct actions of others but without giving any means, method or authority to enforce.

Any comments or examples of other problem rules would be welcome.

15/09/2018 09:21

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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