Proposed Tenant wanting to buy in 2 years time - how to manage?

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I have a family proposing to rent and then buy my house when they've saved a mortgage deposit in 2 years time. I'm happy for that, but wondering how to proceed safely and fairly?

They are worried that I might end the tenancy before the two years are up - can I offer some form of reassurance - I'd only want to end if they proved unsuitable etc.?

Do I need some evidence that they can save the deposit, pay for a mortgage etc.?

They want to decorate and improve the house (he's a decorator etc.), but they're also concerned if they do any decorating or improvements that add to the value of the property, this will increase the sale price. Therefore they are asking for rent to be reduced by £50 per month to take their improvements into account. Emotionally they will start to feel a sense of ownership and that could be difficult in the end. I'm wondering if it's better I say no decorating or improvements except any I pay for or I could pay for materials...

I want to make sure I get the market sale price at the end of the two years.

Any thoughts please?


15/09/2018 13:57

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