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Hi fellow landlords,

Just wondering if anyone has been through anything like this and may be able to offer advice.

Last night my tenants informed me that the built in fan oven and the ceramic hob had both become damaged but they don't know what happened to cause it. They were using the oven at the time and heard a bang and then breaking glass for upstairs, where they say they were.

When I went around the oven door glass was shattered (outer layer only) plus the hinges were bent and broken, the hob unit was also smashed. The consumer unit did not trip, so not an electrical problem. Both units were completely ruined and I replaced both of them today at a cost to me of over £300. Tenants insist they don't know what or how it happened!!

The question is 'how to deal with it'.

Do I say I don't believe them?
Will my landlord insurance cover it and should I tell them about it.
Should it be covered by the tenants insurance.
Should I dispute the full return of their deposit when they leave, which they will soon I have been informed.

So far I have kept my powder dry, but I'm not happy at all as their reasoning insults my common sense.

Anyone had anything similar?

17/09/2018 16:48

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