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A tenant has complained that the heating thermostat does not work properly because it is sighted in the opposite corner to the radiator. My gas engineer agrees it would benefit from being put closer to the rad.

Question is should I do it? Can I be bothered?

This is a tenant who complained about 10 issues in a 4 month period and who I have told I am struggling to keep up with. I have challenged her to either be more content with the house or move on.

In truth I am seething that she has had the heating on all summer and has been whinging about this roomstat during hot weather when as a landlord I do not expect to hear complaints about heating systems. Given that she has the heating on all day most days I cannot really see the point of a thermostat for her.

We could move the stat about 2 metres fairly easily.

Yes I do have an upto date gas cert.

The truth is I expect her to be much more grateful and complain less...

So colleagues please help me to see the wood for the trees

19/09/2018 10:35

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