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I have a hmo with 6 people at the moment using 5 rooms on an addtional license, 1 storey building with 10 rooms in total, 1 kitchen and 3 bathrooms. No conversions it was built this way.

I wish to bring back into action two addtional rooms. 1 x single 1 x double = 3 persons and vary my licence accordingly to 9 people.

I have been informed by the LA that, I quote-

"our amentity standards requires 1 kitchen and bathroom for every 5 persons"

Would anyone know if this is correct/legal to request me to provide another kitchen? Previously I have always been allowed up to 15 people and kitchen was accepted because there was also microwaves as well as a cooker available to use.

They have also informed me of the following-

"You do not need to pay for the variation but you are required to pay for the use of two additional rooms at £200 per room"

Are the LA allowed to charge this £200 fee per room?

Advice most welcome thank you

19/09/2018 19:26

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