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Hi all,

Last month I booked and paid for at £295 an electrician to carry out the 5 yearly domestic electrical installation check and carry out remedial work.

The tenant contacted me a couple of days ago to say that the socket in the cupboard under the kitchen sink is making his washing machine 'cut out'. I've been back onto the electrician and he asked me to find out from the tenant how long that this had been going on for. The tenant told me since he moved in under the previous landlord, which was 2 1/2 years ago. I only became the landlord this July.

The electrician is happy to come back out to resolve the issue, but at a cost of "...£60 first hour charge and a socket included". Question is, who should pay that amount? As far as I'm concerned, the electrician should have detected the intermittent fault and fixed it last month which was covered by my £295 payment. If he doesn't, then can I invoice the tenant for the £60 cost because due to the tenants own admission, he forgot to mention it to the electrician when he came out on 2 back-to-back Sunday's.

Thanks for any advice and assistance.

26/09/2018 12:11

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