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Mark gibby
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hello RLA.
to ensure i can issue a section 21 in the future (should it become necessary..) before Monday October 1st (regulation change day..) should i send out (i can do this by delivery confirmed emails..) EPCs and "how to rent guides" to tenants, that i missed giving/evidencing receipt of when there tenancies started some time ago. i am now VERY diligent that tenancies commence with every thing in place (your tenants document checklist is my bible/always signed off by myself & tenants..) but i know i missed out on a couple of EPCs (Jan 13) and how to rent guides (Oct 15). So please do confirm if i would be putting myself in a better position re Section 21s if i was to issue these before Monday October 1st? thank you. Mark Gibby 90668/0

28/09/2018 12:55

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