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Recently had a tenant vacate who without our knowledge had a smart meter fitted within the last few months of her tenancy. Yes she was in breach of her agreement, but have decided not to make an issue of it as overall in the eight years of her being in the property she was otherwise an excellent tenant. There seems to be an issue with it and the new tenants are like us, not savy with them. We personally do not like them, as reading meters and efficient energy usage is not rocket science! If she had asked if it could be fitted, I would have refused, but where would I have stood with the whole 'smart meter' fitting to most properties by 2020? We have other properties in our portfolio and so far, no smart meters fitted. I am planning on reminding tenants that they would be in breach of their agreements by having one fitted. Anyone else had experience of a similar scenario?

29/09/2018 11:57

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