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condensation issues

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sutton coldfield caz
sutton coldfield caz
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I would welcome other landlords advice on how to tackle condensation issues. We have today taken back a property from a tenant who has been with us 6 years. I can't say he has always been the tidiest or cleanest tenant but he always paid the rent and was polite to us. On occasions we have drawn to his attention the need to do some cleaning (the toilet was appalling one day when we went to change the shower) Now he has left I am astounded at the state of all the rooms. There is mould growing up the walls in all the rooms. It is an ex council property built in 1947. We once lived in it and had no problem with mould but then we did open the windows and regularly move furniture and clean the skirting etc. I doubt he as ever done any of that and as a result the curtains are mouldy and I have some serious cleaning to do and the wall paper is peeling off in 3 rooms. There are air bricks in every room and double glazed windows. He insists he has done everything to avoid the build up of mould but I can see no one has wiped a window sill in years. This is a problem I have at another property but I am afraid the tenants are just not house proud. Anybody got useful suggestions?

01/10/2018 18:31

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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