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My tenant has recently died. He was paid HB from the local council which he in turn paid to us. His mental state meant that sometimes he missed payments but would always pay when we visited him. He passed away owing rent.

His family have cleared the flat, and as a gesture of goodwill be did not ask them to pay any further rent after the date of death. Even though the family had an inventory, they disposed of the fridge/freezer that was our property. They said 'sorry about that but it was knackered anyway'. They also did not clean the flat.

We have since asked for the rent arrears, to which we have had a blunt reply - 'there's no money'. If this was true, I would happily walk away, but I know there was a vast sum of cash in the flat and a healthy bank account.

Can anyone advise on my next steps? Do we need to mention some form of court proceedings in the hope this might scare them into paying up?

Thanks if advance for any advice.

02/10/2018 14:11

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