Tenant left, trespasser refuses to move after Section 21 - who pays for power?

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Hi All, After numerous problems with our tenant (3 month's rent arrears/antisocial behaviour etc etc) we served a Section 21. (6 month Tenancy) .The Tenancy was in the tenant's name only - and he told the Letting Agency only he would be occupying the property - but immediately he moved a woman & children & dogs in (she refuses to be named on Tenancy & no permission was given for children/dogs). She is puppy farming from the rural property and her small child has been seen on the busy lane as she can't be bothered to shut the gate!. They now have split up (he has moved out) - but she has stayed on in the property, occasionally staying the night. We now are concerned that she is deliberately leaving all the lights on as to increase the Electricity Bill for us. We shall be applying to the Court for Possession on Monday, having already given her 2 weeks to vacate the property. Who will be responsible for Utility Bills at the property from the end of the Tenancy to when we have vacant possession? (We shall seek to recover costs from the tenant as we have his place of employment- once we have possession!)

04/10/2018 17:28

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