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Bailiffs due next Thurs ..hooray at long last.
Through the Council officer [ who the toe-rags have suckered in] I'm getting promises of a property surrender. They'll return the the the 1st the 4th Oct now. Same tactics used about rent payments which were always coming in 2/3 days time, except it never did. They I feel will take this tactic to the hour before the Bailiffs arrive. They are slowly clearing the house..slowly. Neighbours report what's going out into vans. Y/day it was I'm told my [new] washer & cooker were loaded up! They are now living elsewhere so need these vitals. Imagine F/F will go today!

I'm tempted to enter this empty house to photograph the gaps in the kitchen where the appliances were & also to get some idea of the damage they've caused. They are devious beyond words so may have installed pin-hole camera's linked to smart phones. I'd be caught red- handed as it were. Thought better of it today just in case the trap has been laid & would give them ammo for shouting LL harassment & then delaying the Bailiffs.

Moot point though if the Court Order for the eviction date has long passed....can a landlord enter to check on security of the property? Theft is going on under my nose.
Thoughts anyone...?
They are stringing the Officer along pretending they will take the DSS property offered when Bailiffs turf them out. Except I know that's a ploy as they already have another place they've moved to..hence them needing my kitchen appliances. They will have paid 6 months rent upfront somewhere else, no questions asked. The unsuspecting LL not realising that's the only rent to come & the routes to S8/S21 are very very long & expensive.
They've lived rent/bills free for all of this year & most of 2017 so are very comfortably off. That's how they've got the large sum to pay to another LL. They've probably never been as flushed!

I did let the Officer know they'd de-frauded the HB dept of many £k's, had Bailiffs round 5 times & had scammed neighbours with catalogue fraud...and she still asked I postpone Bailiffs & give them some sort of reference as they came across as very genuine...yes, I wondered what planet she was on too!
She has her job to do, full stop.
They have social LL's with capacity & she was actually helping these nightmare morons into one of them...regardless of their 'sins'. Heads up for LL's thinking of doing this.

They won't want the Council to know where they've moved to & that's why they have secured themselves another place independantly. They owe over £40k to HB dept..possibly more, the paperwork will take a time to catch them up....they want to be hiding- out elsewhere when that happens..not in a Council- allocated property.
They've done this before, they are serial scammers playing the system like a piano. Except in 2017 they won their 1st CCJ...more are in the pipe-line, hence them needing to dip under the radar of their debtors.

Anyone had the same situation & can offer advice?
Thanks in advance colleagues on this costly vexation.

05/10/2018 09:05

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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