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I have recently let a property out on a 6 month tenancy agreement. The tenancy is in joint names between a couple. The tenants have been living in the property for 3 months. One of the tenants recently approached me to say her partner has left her and she canít really afford the property on her own without his wage. She has said she will be leaving after the 6 month contract but has asked if I could end the tenancy sooner. Ending the tenancy sooner would suit me as the 6 months finishes right on top of Christmas and I have a waiting list to put people in my properties so would rather do it sooner rather than later.

My question is can I terminate the 6 month tenancy before the 6 months is up at the tenants request? If so do I need something from both tenants or would something from one tenant suffice? I havenít heard from the other tenant and she says he is moving out imminently.

I thought a signed letter from both tenants to say they would like to terminate the contract would suffice.

Keen to hear others thoughts on this.

Thank you

07/10/2018 10:14

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