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Supporting wall replacement - didn't get permission for work

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I bought an ex-local authority maisonette this summer. The property is leasehold and is located on the ground and first floor of the building with another apartment above.
The place needed refurbishment and we also decided to remove some storage cupboards in the middle of the first floor and extend the rooms into this space. This means removing a supporting wall and replacing with a supporting beam.

Our builder has removed part of the wall and supported the ceiling with acro props. It's been checked over by a building regs inspector (we have served a building notice to the council). We have calcs from a structural engineers for the beam specs.

Recently, the freeholder (local authority housing trust) contacted us and said that the leaseholder above us has complained about a crack in their wall. Their building inspector came round last week to inspect the work and check out the crack in the apartment above. Unfortunately, the occupier above wasn't in, so we couldn't get access to view the crack (even though they said they'd be in).

The building inspector seemed satisfied the work in our appartment was OK, although he needs to see upstairs before he can complete his report.

A couple of issues...
1) we didn't get permission from the freeholder.
2) we didn't get a party wall agreement with the owner above.

With reference to the freeholder permission, we can apply for retrospective permission from the freeholder. My question is, what happens if we do the work and they refuse permission?

With reference to issue 2, I assume I need to get the party wall permission agreed. If I don't do this, what are the consequences?

I realise now that these are things we should have sorted before we started work. Currently, we have halted work until the inspector has seen upstairs.

As well as sorting out the various permissions, we could put the wall back and return the steel beam which is sitting on the living room floor currently.

Any advise appreciated. We're new to this, so still learning as you can tell!


07/10/2018 20:30

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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