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Not sure if I'm through to the correct place. Could you forward?
I am a landlord of 4 years with my present tenant. My tenancy agreement was written under some duress by a solicitor i used to work for who wrote it as was her daughter's. Unfortunately she put her daughter's deposit scheme, tds, on the agreement and i put my deposit with my deposits. Is there anything i can do to rectify this? I may need to evict my tenant. If i serve a section 21 notice and then need to follow up with a repossession order can I at that stage repay the deposit to avoid potential problems with not having the correct prescribed information on the Tenancy agreement? Might it work to repay the deposit now? Or to change the information on the Tenancy Agreement to say where the deposit actually is?
I'd appreciate your help.

10/10/2018 16:37

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