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I would be very interested to hear from other users the service they have recived from NALS below is the history of my dealings. I have been unable to proceed with this complaint and would like to know what action is possible.

Thank you

8 March 2007
Original Letter sent to NALS of complaint against Letting Agent

9 March
Reply advising that the letting agent had complaints procedure

15 March
Telephoned NALS and requested they contact Letting Agents, to ensure that the correct procedures were followed, NALS advised they would contact the agent and get them send forms.

20 March
Received letter from the Letting Agent advising complaint procedure

21 March
Telephoned NALS for confirmation of the procedure as outlined by agents

As requested I emailed and posted, by recorded delivery outline of my complaint against the agents.

No reply from NALS
7 April
Letter sent to NALS requesting a reply to my correspondence of 21 March

No reply from NALS
11 April
Received letter from the Letting Agent advising NALS offer of mediation

11 April
Rang RLA (Residential Landlords Association) asking for guidance

16 April
Followed the advice of NALS contacted agent and asked who would pay, carry out the mediation and if this would impede on any court action I might take.

16 April
Letter to NALS asking for a reply to my correspondences

No reply from NALS


19 April
Telephoned NALS for confirmation of mediation offer, advised Isobel Thompson would call me back.

Call not returned
11 May
Letter to Chairman of NALS Ms Pickering outlining service I had received from NALS

Letter unanswered

1 June
Telephoned NALS asked to speak to the Chairman, was advised all call must go through Isobel Thompson, Isobel was on holiday for 1 week

11 June a.m.

Rang Isobel Thompson advised she would return call

11June p.m.

Received telephone call from Isobel Thompson asking if I have received her letter dated 19 April asking that I confirm agreement to go to mediation. Isobel emailed copy of letter

I had not received this letter
Isobel accepted my verbal agreement to go to mediation

15 June
Emailed and posted by recorded delivery confirmation of my agreement to go to mediation and further information as requested

25 June
Telephone Isobel Thompson who confirmed receipt of letter dated 15 June

Advised that I would be away until 3 August

Isobel advised mediation would take 3 weeks

7 Aug
Rang Isobel Thompson, not available call not returned

8 Aug
Rang Isobel Thompson, not available, call not returned

20 Aug
Rang Isobel Thompson who advised she would investigate mediation and would return my call later in the day, call not returned

22 Aug
Emailed and posted copy of log outlining my dealings with NALS to Isobel Thompson advising that if I did not receive a reply within 14 days I would take the matter to court and would use the log to show I tried mediation.

Neither answered by NALS

Thank you very much for your help

Pat Smyth

15/11/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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