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Couple of questions

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Hi all,

I've had nothing but stress all week from my tenant due to a Section 8 served. This focused his mind and he's finally fully paid up, but I'm going to still go ahead with the Section 8 on Ground 11. He's asked about having the backyard cleaned with a pressure washer but in the AST it states: "Be responsible for looking after the garden. You must keep it tidy and cut any grass regularly, but you do not have to improve the garden." So is it is his responsibility to have this done? I know the AST says 'garden' but would you say that it also cover a backyard?

Finally, whilst the house was owned by a previous landlord, there was a burglar alarm system at the property, and it's still there. He knew the code for it, and then forgot it, and also couldn't remember where the piece of paper was that it was written on. I had to have the alarm disconnected because one Sunday morning it sounded and neither him or me could turn it off. However, when the previous landlord owned the house, the tenant had apparently contacted them (so he says) to ask for another burglar alarm system to be fitted, to which they apparently agreed to. He's only now getting it activated after I've said this is one of his many breaches of contract to not "...put the burglar alarm on (if there is one." The alarm system company have got back to him and said that there is a 'monthly fee'. He hasn't told me what for, or how much, but who do you think should pay the 'monthly fee'? Thanks.

12/10/2018 09:46

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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