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New landlord needing advice regarding breach of a tenancy

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Hi All,

I am a new landlord since June 2018. I have let my property out to what i was led to believe a single mum and her 15 year old daughter. Over the past 3.5 months i have found a male and a dog at the house on numerous occasions when i have visited to inspect her issues. I have asked the tenant if they are residing at the property and she said that he is her husband and is not living there, but will be visiting with the family dog as they are dating again?? Therefore, I have highlighted that the AST states no pets and she is in breach of tenancy. I also said if it is living in the property i would be obliged to request a pet fee in case of any accidents that may happen. She basically said its a small dog and is cleaner and tidier than her daughter whilst laughing it off. She is very persistent about tedious issues such as wood lice in the property, the toilet doesn't flush enough, the patio doors dropped/expanded in the hot weather and so i called and fixed these, the kitchen tap is stiff to turn on and off. However, I am getting a little anxious with her pestering me over silly little things that i feel she should deal with herself i.e. wood lice and the toilet flush an tap were fine when i lived there for the past 10 years. On the flip side to this she has relocated the garden shed to other side of garden without consent.

I'm looking for some advice on how to deal with the tenant and her small requests, i have already laid out in the inventory list a category of repairs from emergency/urgent and desirable, but she is just constantly texting me about something new every other week. i don't want to rub her up the wrong way, but i am beginning to think i should just put house up for sale. i have a 6 month break out in the AST this is on 23rd December, I'm veering on exercising this but as i say i don't want to create any hostility or stress on both parties.

thanks in advance!

17/10/2018 13:27

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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