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My tenancy is managed by local managing agents in Margate. I believe we are OK on all requirements re accelerated possession., and with their advice, I posted what I think is everything to Thanet County Court on 25th September. But I havent had any acknowledgement from teh court and the cheque doesn't appear to have been cashed. I suppose I have to cancel the cheque and do it all again. At least I have saved the from as a pdf.BUT just in case I got the admin wrong, how many copies of the form should I send, do I have to send a self addressed envelope etc? I have tried many times to call Thanet County Court, but the number is PERMANENTLY engaged. If I click "website" on Google, it takes me to a company called DAS Legal Services. Who they are, I have absolutely no idea. Looks like some sort of scam.

18/10/2018 10:40

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