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I wanted some opinions and a legal point of view on an issue I am having with a previous tenant.

the summary is

The tenant left the property in a poor state and with little notice.

I wanted to claim the money from his deposit, he disputed this.

We went to Deposit protection scheme tribunal to resolve our issues.

I claimed about 1000 GBP for notice period and cost bring the property up to a rent-able standard.

I received 500 GBP for lost rent and a small amount of clean up costs. the ruling stated that I was not able to prove the condition of the property prior to him moving in.

I was going to accept this and move on.

but now the ex-tenant has asked me to pay a bill 200 GBP to fix the locks (this was agreed before we had the disagreement)

I do not dispute this but I have not paid it because he still owes me 500 GBP for the outstanding work required on the flat.

I failed to get the money from the deposit, because of a technicality, but I still feel he owes me the money.

Can he legal get the me to pay him 200GBP?

should I give it him? I am sure his point of view is that "you tried and failed to get the costs back".

Should I chase him for 300 GBP (500 outstanding minus 200 his bill)?

Thanking you in advance.

18/10/2018 13:25

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