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condensation problems

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Jen & wayne
Jen & wayne
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I have a tenant that moved in to one of our houses that we bought back in June.

He is recently complaining about condensation and damp in the front of the house.

He says they have windows open in the bathroom and kitchen and use the bathroom extractor when having a shower.

Both kitchen and bathroom are at the back of the house.

He used to live in one of my other houses for about a year and also complained of damp. After I fitted a PIV fan the problem went away. Previous tenants did not have a problem.

He did mention that he has not had his heating on yet this year.

Just starting to think that it may be a lifestyle problem. Iíve sent him the RLA document for condensation as well as the one from landlordzone.

Just wondering what course of action you normally take when presented with this problem.

As far as I can gather it is either too much moisture in the house or lack of ventilation?

House is old, probably built in the 1950ís. Not sure if it has air bricks, or if they are blocked.

Other thoughts are do I install a Kitchen extractor fan
Air vents blocked
No Vents in soffits
Can trickle vents be installed in windows
Or do I go and fit a PIV fan?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


19/10/2018 21:24

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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