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SUGGESTION for a new sticky re Condensation

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Seems that 'how to deal with condensation' comes up very regularly, not just in the colder months either. In light of this frequent & regular request for the exact same info could a 'sticky' be created as a 'go to' place to read the guidance from the RLA plus the hints & tips that myself & many colleagues post to assist the uninitiated.

I've lost count of the times I've answered the very same questions re damp/condensation. Seems a poor use of time when the topic is covered ad- nauseum during the year plus there is very useful advice on this site AND a google visit reveals OCEANS of info there just for the READING.

This would be a very useful 'sticky' as the number of 'hits' would avow.
Then so easily the poster could be reminded of the purpose of the sticky. It would be more helpful than me replying...please read my posts of.... [dates].Yawn...wouldn't happen would it!
I understand that some folk want 'the speedy reply & nothing but the speedy reply & not always thinking to say thank you'. It happens.

For myself I've just responded for the last time to a post on 'what do I do about condensation'. Just explaining why I will use my very limited time to answering queries on topics NOT catered for, nor comprehensively covered on this rare & wonderful site.
The library of info is there to be accessed. Useless if it's ignored for the most basic of tnt contentious issue...e.g Condensation & its causes..

20/10/2018 13:04

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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