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Tenants moved and not paid bills

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I have a flat where the tenants have left and there is a bill for heating and hot water that hasn't been paid (its a card that they pay on, but it doesn't go in the meter its just like a budget scheme).There is a problem with the company who put the system in as they have a different company to collect the money for usage.The company who put the heating in have gone bankrupt and the company who collect the money can't set my new tenant up with an account. I have emailed the liquidators who have said as the landlord I am responsible to pay the amount of debt on the meter even though the tenant had signed up for the supply and her tenancy agreement said she was responsible for paying utilities council tax etc, I do have a forwarding address for the old tenants.The billing company said the heating has been not paid since feb 2016 which is ridiculous! what kind of company doesn't contact tenants with regard to outstanding bills? Also they can turn the heat off remotely somehow. I don't read the meters unless a tenant is moving in or out,New tenants can choose their own electricity supplier but the heating has to be with the company who does all the blocks.The block management company are worse than useless and can offer no advice apart from its nothing to do with them, Any help would be gratefully received.

22/10/2018 16:08

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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