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Hi all,

My tenant recently reported to me that when he returned from one night this week he'd noticed that the front windows to the property had been smashed with a brick. After speaking to a friend of the tenant, what appears to have happened is that the tenant had 2 male friends of his at my property on Saturday night and they had been drinking until Sunday morning, when an argument occurred, after two or three attempts, the tenant eventually had them leave the property.

It's been said to me that one of them was loitering close to the property on Monday night, shortly before the criminal damage took place. The 2 men where then spotted boarding a bus to take them out of the area, where it's assumed that they are currently laying low.

The tenant has told me one of the men's names, which I've subsequently passed on to the police, because as you can imagine, there is a current ongoing investigation.

At the beginning of the month, I served a Section 8 for 3 missed payments (which he later paid making the S8 void), and a Section 21 which the next step of will take place in early December.

Of course I have sympathy for the tenant, but his actions over the past 3 months have bordered on me being harassed, along with the non-payment of rent for so long. The tenant claims that he's being visited today by 'victim support', and when I spoke to the police earlier today I was told that was something to do with 'safeguarding' now in place. My question is, in your collective experience, will this affect the Section 21 that I served 3 weeks ago?


24/10/2018 14:40

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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